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Premises Liability: An Overview

Property owners have a legal obligation to create and maintain safe conditions. When that doesn’t happen, it can lead to serious injury. Matthew M. Maddox, founder of CT Auto Accident Law Group, has represented suffering clients throughout Connecticut for over 30 years. Our team is passionate about helping those who need it most. As an underdog, you have our support.

Careless Owners Can Cause Serious Accidents

From day one, we prepare as if your case is going to trial. After discussing the specifics of your case, we can provide you with an honest assessment. We aim to find the best possible solution. Furthermore, we understand the importance communication plays in a case. We keep clients up to date so that it eliminates confusion and misunderstanding. When it comes to building these cases, we gather evidence, talk with witnesses and consult necessary experts.

Over the years, we have handled cases of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a fire or explosion at someone’s home, an elevator accident in an apartment building, or a careless store owner who didn’t take care of faulty lighting, we do whatever we can to hold the negligent party accountable. They can be sentenced to pay compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you are suffering due to the poor conditions of someone else’s property, we can help.

Consult A Skilled Lawyer Today

We know that the average person does not want to deal with a legal case. However, if you are falling behind on your doctor bills or are missing out on work due to an injury, it may become necessary. Our team can take this burden off your shoulders.

We have an organized, systematic approach that benefits our clients tremendously. Call our office in New Canaan at 203-850-7026 to schedule an initial consultation today. You can also fill out our contact form online.