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The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group, LLC Has A Long History of Success

With nearly 40 years of combined experience, our experienced legal team has the skills to negotiate a fair settlement or take the insurance company to trial. Matthew Maddox and the legal team at The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group, LLC have collected over $25 million for deserving clients.

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Premises Liability, September 2021

Fairfield resident who was riding her bicycle in the City of Bridgeport wins settlement for the City’s failure to repair or warn of a pothole, which caused her bike to flip forward, end-over-end, catapulting her on to the roadway.

Auto Accident, August 2021

Stamford resident who suffered head and spine trauma, receives a $90,000 settlement against the insurer for a drunk driver who failed to stop at a red traffic control signal.

Auto Accident, August 2021

Ridgefield resident receives settlement, three times the initial offer, for cervical and lumbar injuries suffered in a three-car accident, against two auto insurance companies.

Auto Accident, July 2021

Greenwich resident receives $250,000 settlement for a collision in which the defendant made a restricted left turn in front of our client’s vehicle which caused serious head spinal cord injuries.

Auto Accident, June 2021

Seven-figure settlement against intoxicated motor vehicle operator. Our client suffered critical, life-threatening injuries and a traumatic brain injury, including a cerebral hemorrhage and skull fracture.

Pedestrian v. Auto, May 2021

New Canaan resident receives settlement five times the initial offer for traumatic and permanent right leg and foot injuries after she was struck by an automobile, while crossing in a marked pedestrian crosswalk.

Auto Accident, April 2021

Stamford resident receives the maximum available insurance payout for pain and suffering, including burns and fear associated with an accident in which the intoxicated operator lost control of the vehicle, crossed in front of oncoming traffic, and careened off the roadway striking several trees and a stone wall.

Pedestrian v. Auto, March 2021

Insurance company pays entire auto policy limit to Norwalk resident for traumatic head, spine, and hip injuries, after she was struck in the pedestrian crosswalk.

Auto Accident, March 2021

$225,000 settlement for Norwalk bicyclist who was suddenly struck by an intoxicated operator of an automobile causing major and permanent trauma to his right elbow.

Auto Accident, March 2021

Bridgeport resident receives three times the initial settlement offer for significant cervical and thoracic injuries caused by the defendant’s failure to grant the right of way at an intersection.

Auto Accident, February 2021

Norwalk resident receives settlement, four times the initial offer, caused by a violent three-car motor vehicle accident in which the plaintiff suffered a lower back permanent impairment.

Auto Accident, January 2021

Stamford resident receives settlement after being rear-ended which caused our her to slam her head against the seats head rest, subsequently suffering a serious whiplash and cervical spine injury.

Wrongful Death, December 2020

Seven-figure settlement against Stamford corporation for our client’s tragic death caused by the negligent failure of a home health aide to provide proper attention and care.

Auto Accident, December 2020

Six-figure settlement for New Canaan resident who was forcefully rear-ended by defendant, causing the plaintiff to suffer from a traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, cognitive difficulties, and memory loss.

Auto Accident, April 2020

Mother and daughter’s head-on collision results in a settlement four times the insurer’s initial offer.

Auto Accident, March 2020

A self-employed Stamford woman receives $97,000 settlement after rear-end motor vehicle collision causes anxiety, PTSD, sleep disruption, whiplash injuries and lost wages.

Auto Accident, March 2020

The firm obtains settlement for multiple tens of thousands of dollars for a client with post-concussion syndrome following a rear-end car accident, despite prior concussion history.

Auto Accident, February 2020

Drunk driver collides with car service driver in a wrong-way, head-on highway collision resulting in a fatality. The insurance company settles prelitigation for seven figures.

Auto Accident, January 2020

Road rage incident results in motor vehicle collision causing severe post-concussion syndrome. Mediation results in more than a $1 million settlement.

Auto Accident, September 2019

The firm wins payment of defendant’s policy limit for a passenger of a motor vehicle stopped in highway traffic and involved in multiple car collision.

Civil Litigation, August 2019

Surprise additional $10,000.00 delivered to the client as a result of firm’s fight to reduce health care lien.

Personal Injury, January 2019

Fall from balcony results in injuries to teen; settles in six figures after defendant’s credibility damaged tremendously in the deposition.

Auto Accident, August 2018

The insurer had offered “zero” money for two years. Case settles for high five figures one day before trial after The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group, LLC compels misleading and conflicting deposition testimony from multiple defendants.

Auto Accident, August 2018

On eve of trial, concussion case settles for four times original offer, despite client’s multiple prior concussions.